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Darwin Flowing Water Kung Fu

Our School originated in the Lancashire Town of Darwen around 50 Years ago.

The founding Instructors, Ronny Cunliffe and Jim Taylor, are credited for starting a trend, and in some ways a tradition, with students who came to learn with us. Students were not only nurtured in the founding styles of Hsing I, Bagua and Tai-Chi but also encouraged to visit other Schools to expand their knowledge and learn about other Martial Arts in an effort to challenge their thinking and to never be satisfied with what they know because there is always someone who knows more. 

Our Style originated from the White Cloud System as taught by the Late Master Derek Gordon who learned respectively from his Chinese Instructors. The current head and Sifu of our organisation is Ray Heeks, who has trained many of his students to instructor level and attended various seminars including Philippine knife fighting, KEWAP and many more.

In 50 Years our School has developed and evolved and to those who visit from days long passed, it must seem to resemble something completely different. It is also admirable that Instructors have also spread the word by teaching in their time at Teesside University, by opening clubs at different venues and by also doing workshops and demonstrations across the UK. Unfortunately, Instructors and students alike do have to carry on along their own paths of life so they sometimes have to leave us. We like to think that those people carry on our teachings and the lessons we have taught elsewhere and also wish that they carry on learning new knowledge along their chosen paths. Hence the name given to our current style of Flowing Water Kung Fu, outlining the adaptations we have made throughout the years.

Society changes and so does warfare. Once, man had to know how to fight to be able to live. Now man has longer range weapons such as rifles and missiles which in some respects make hand to hand combat on the battlefield obsolete. Unfortunately in a normal environment there is still a place for martial arts .Crime statistics prove this with the amount of street attacks, muggings and assaults that take place in our own Towns every day to say nothing of the upsurge in knife related crime. In todays Society there will always be a place for martial arts even if all crime ceases, people will always want a way of exercising that which challenges and pushes a person to their limits while also instilling a sense of worth, respect and inner peace

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