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Nfinity Evolution

Nfinity Evolution
Nfinity Evolution
Brand: Nfinity
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Please note: the evolution shoes are very tight fitting. if this is an issue and you havent tried them before either try someone elses on or think about ordering a size up

The Evolution is a high-performance competition shoe designed to provide superior flexibility and support during elite stunts. At just 6.5 oz, the form-fitting design provides a "slipper-esque", ultra lightweight feel. It also features strategically located rubber outsole pods improving the durability in high wear areas without compromising performance.

  • Signature Nfinity® Shoe Case in Red
  • 6.5oz - Feather light
  • NfiniFit in the forefoot for a natural fit around the toes and impact area
  • Ankle LocTechnology enhances the heel fit around the ankle
  • Rubber outsole pods for extended durability
  • Low profile design in the midsole to improve flexibility and performance
  • Leather and Sateen upper for superior support and breathability
  • Ergonomically designed insole to match the contours under the foot for superior comfort, arch support and enhanced cushioning
  • Bubble laces for an additional secure fit
  • Designed to meet the athlete's performance needs on a Spring Floor


Nfinity® BioniQ is designed 100% for the female athlete. The supportive and naturally aligning midsole features sequenced cushioning to keep the foot in an ergonomic performance enhancing position. BioniQ addresses the typically more pronounced Q-Angle in females.

The Q-angle is the alignment between the hip and knee joints. Compared to males, females have Q-angles that are 5-7°greater, on average. In addition, scientific research on jumping, cutting and change of direction movements has shown that female athletes tend to land with greater knee valgus (knock kneed) and a more upright posture possibly subjecting undue stress on the knees, particularly the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). The larger Q-angle and knee valgus have been cited as potential risk factors likely predisposing female athletes to ACL injuries at a rate 2-8 times higher compared to male athletes competing in the same sports.

QChannel & QPlate - is a system designed to help center the foot as it transitions from heel to toe

Ankle Loc Technology enhances the heel fit around the ankle

BioniQ Technology to help guide and support the foot in an ergonomic performance enhancing position during jumping and landing


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