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Fundraising Help

Now we all know cheerleading can be very expensive and lots of squads, especially youth and university ones are looking for ways to fund raise. A great way to do this is though this site:

Follow these simple steps:

1: Get your coach, committee, treasurer etc to setup a page (preferably though this link as it will help out another cheerleading related charity and it doesn't affect any of your own revenue created)

2: Pass your

 page details to your team members, and ask them to pass it to families etc. (they can even install a chrome plugin which is great and is non obtrusive)

3: Now when these people purchase items from various websites. (like play, amazon, ebay, sainsburies, tesco etc) a percentage of whatever they paid is donated by that shop to your page. (usually around 2-3%) With Christmas coming up that's a great way to get your squad some extra cash without anyone having to spend anything extra.

4: Some companies even allow you to do things for free in return for a donation. ie applying for sim cards. is you use the following companies you don't need to spend any money but can still net your squad a total of: £5.40

GiffGaff - order a sim card: 25p
TMobile - order a sim card: 10p
Ebay - Register an account, place a bid. find a new listing for an ipad or something and big a few pence. you dont have to win the auction: £4.50
Groupon: Sign up for emails: 55p

There are others such as putting yourself on a dating site and doing surveys but the above are the easiest and wont ever ask for money.

If you have any questions about this please don't hesitate to ask